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At SCENTIFIQUE, we develop and manufacture tens of thousands of fragrances and scent essences for our wide array of clients in the industrial, institutional, and home markets.

Our experience is based on innovative and groundbreaking international technologies and Israeli know-how in the field of fragrance development and adaptation to various products. Our technologies allow us to develop and deliver novel, “out-of-the-box” scent solutions. As a result, we have created a library comprising a very wide spectrum of scent essences for numerous uses, designed and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials. Our tailored scent essences are exclusively customized to meet the requirements set by our customers.

At SCENTIFIQUE, we believe that in any product, a scent has the power to stimulate senses, evoke emotions and kindle imagination. A unique fragrance, tailor-made to your brand, will ignite a profound user experience, leaving your customers with lasting, lingering memories.

We invite you to embark on a journey with the SCENTIFIQUE team to discover that special fragrance, which will create the perfect feel for your brand.

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What Makes Us Unique

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Pursuit of Innovation.

We are constantly seeking the next challenge. Challenges give us the opportunity to explore, discover, develop, and deepen new ways to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Our international development teams have accrued decades of professional experience. Our design, production and quality assurance processes adhere to the highest standards, complying with the most recent regulations and best practices in the world of fragrances.

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To create an accurate “memory”, which will correlate with your brand and product attributes, our professional team continuously follows the latest trends and innovations in the fragrance and scent essence markets. Utilizing a wide range of advanced technologies and know-how, we adopt intricate, creative and original solutions for products that may have complex chemical composition.

Our expertise creates an exceptional experience for customers, providing a long-lasting effect throughout the use of the product and thereafter.

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Enabling, with Love.

One of the most critical attributes contributing to the uniqueness of your brand and product is its fragrance. Finding the right fragrance can be a daunting task. Matching a scent for products with complex product compositions is a process that requires professionalism, broad-mindedness and strategic thinking, as well as an understanding of market needs and trends. It often involves cultivating creative solutions to ensure an optimal fit to your product and its use.

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Our unique expertise in developing scent essences is our ability to provide innovative, often groundbreaking solutions for matching exceptional scents, even in the most challenging cases. We work as a creative team, shepherding the product from the development stage through the integration of the fragrance into the final product formula.

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Safety First.

In our development and design processes, we always make sure that only safe raw materials are used.

Our quality assurance process involves four levels of quality control. In addition to the meticulous quality documentation we require from our suppliers and manufacturers, we perform internal quality control using the most advanced equipment in the field. This process ensures a maximum level of precision and safety for the fragrances and scent essences we supply to our customers.

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In addition, we ensure that suitability testing is carried out by an expert perfumer at every stage of development and production to assure excellence in every fragrance and scent essence that leaves our facilities.

Last but not least, the fragrances and scent essences that we design comply with the strictest regulatory requirements as certified in the documentation attached to each shipment.

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Hand in Hand Support.

Our distributers and agents can count on us for designing and providing customers with a unique range of scent essences, starting from samples out of our extensive catalogue and ending with tailor-made essences. When it comes to challenging product design, we work hand-in-hand with our distributors and our customers’ brand and R&D managers until all scent - related questions and issues are resolved.

Let us Scentifique your products

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